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SmarterMail Server Migration

Dear Clients,

Important Note: These settings will be applicable after 12:00 noon on
Wednesday so please do not change IP till then.

We are Migrating our SmarterMail Server to New SmarterMail Server on this
Wednesday dated: 05/08/2008 at 11:30 AM (+5:30 IST). The new server comes
with the following specs :

Quad Core Intel Harpertown Processers with 1 X 12 Mb Cache
4 Gb Ram
2 X 500 GB HDD
Daily/Weekly Backups on Second Drive
Daily/Weekly Backups on Remote Location

Old Server IP :
New Server IP :

Notes :

1) All the configuration and mail accounts Password remains the same.

2) If you are using IP: in outlook incoming and outgoing mail
settings instead of then please change it to

3) If you are not able to see your mails after opening URL then please use URL till DNS
propagation. After DNS propagation the URL should
work fine for you.

4) If you are using third party DNS then please change A

Instead of A

Now the question is why we need migration?

The last server from couple of last days has not been working the way it
should have been for us & all customers, we have face so much of issues with
regarding downtime and services of the server so to give our customers
maximum uptime we have planned this migration.

If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted on: Monday, 4th August 2008 9:06 AM