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Linux Server issues resolved, all accounts configured on new Bison server

Dear Clients,

During the last issue related to the server downtime on 25th June-08 it is detected that there are some problem in the HDD which will be giving constant issues in future repeatedly. To avoid this probable cause of downtime we have shifted all your accounts from Jaguar to new best of breed servers on the new machine code named : BISON.DNSRACKS.COM.

Since your DNS are getting changed to point at the new server which may take 6-12 hours hence anytime the other server has a problem you'll see the problem too.

We urge you to check all sites on 02nd July'08 and see if they are performing fine, loads as expected and are moved completely, this doesn't means we haven't checked themů we did it all but after all these are your sites and you know them better than we do.

If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Linux Server Specifications (Centos Enterprise 5 i686 Standard)
(99.99 % Network Uptime / Real time activation Control panel)

Primary Name Server : (IP
Secondary Name Server : (IP

Control Panel
1) Reseller Control panel (For Bulk Space) :: WHM
2) End User Control Panel

Hardware Features:
Quad Core Intel Clovertown Processers with 1 X 8 Mb Cache
4 Gb Ram
2 X 250 GB HDD
Daily/Weekly Backups on Second Drive
The Server is on InterNap Based Datacenter which is a worldclass network with an average 99.999% uptime locate at the Seattle.

Server Location:
Dallas, Texas (TX), USA
ISP: SoftLayer Technologies Inc., 1950 N Stemmons Freeway, TX-75207

Software features:
Centos Enterprise 5 i686 Standard
Apache 2.0
PHP Support
Flash Support
mySQL Database
Advanced ANTISPAM/ANTIVIRUS Protection
Advanced ANTISPAM/ANTIVIRUS managed by RightMX

Posted on: Tuesday, 1st July 2008 9:14 AM