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Linux Jaguar Server Migration and Upgrade in process

Dear Clients,

This is to inform you that the Linux Jaguar Server shall be upgraded with a new Server and a new IP during the coming two to three days and the process shall involve the syncing and shifting of all the website files and databases from the old server to the new server. The process has been initiated and the following steps have been taken to provide you hassle free and quick transfer without any possible downtime or issues.

1) The FTP services on old IP - has been stopped so if you want to upload data through FTP then use new I.P:

2) Both the servers have been kept online to avoid any possible downtime.

3) MySQL Databases have been configured and can be accessed as earlier with localhost

4) PHP has been configured as earlier and is working perfectly

In case you are using your custom nameservers then you shall be required to update the nameservers with the IPís given below whenever asked for from our side. (OLD IP) (OLD IP)

Replace it with the following set of new IP's (NEW IP) (NEW IP)

Also note that FTP, WWW, MAIL Server IP will be after the migration. So please wait for our next update on this issue before initiating any IP updates.

TechnoDG customers who are using our nameservers need not have to worry about the update as we shall do it for you at the appropriate time.

We are always in a tryst to provide you the best in the industry services and expect that the new servers shall be functional without any issues in no time. We are closely observing the developments on this process and shall keep you updated.

Looking forward to your kind co-operation as always and assuring you our full support. Please feel free to mail at for any further clarifications or assistance.

Posted on: Friday, 16th May 2008 8:09 AM