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New Spam Guard and Mail accessing feature for Linux email accounts

Dear Clients,

This is to inform you that a new feature has been added to the email accounts which are on the Linux Server. In continuation to the updates of the servers we have installed multiple spam filters and spam guards to enhance your emailing experience with our servers. Now the mails that are regarded as spam mails will be directed to the spambox folder. Please follow the steps below to access this spambox folder after logging in to your email account online.

If you want to check SPAM messages using Horde Webmail simply click the folder spambox as showed on this image (the spambox folder will be showed if you received min 1 spam message)

If you want to check SPAM messages using Squirrel Webmail you should subscribe the to spambox folder. Please follow steps below to subscribe.

1) Login on any email account you want to check SPAM; you should see something like this without the spambox fodler.

2) Now click on Folders Link

3) Go down to Unsubscribe/Subscribe, select spambox and click Subscribe

Note that if the spambox folder is not available, it means that no spam was sent to your email account. Kindly try to subscribe later.

4) Now click on refresh folder list

5) Click on spambox at the left panel to read the received SPAM mails.

Please note that this spambox feature will also be sharing the same space which is allocated to your email and website hosting hence it is requested to check the spam mails and clear the unwanted mails regularly to avoid any unnecessary blockage of space resulting in non-receipt of mails or other space related issues.

Please feel free to contact us for any further clarifications or support.

Posted on: Thursday, 6th March 2008 7:32 AM