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Websites & Servers May appear slow due to Internet Connectivity Issue in India

Dear Client,

India's Internet connectivity has recently disrupted on thursday January 31, 2008 after two undersea cables were damaged in the Mediterranean, Slow connectivity, choking and other problems have been caused across India due the cable damage," Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) President Rajesh Chharia said, adding it may take 10-15 days for normalcy to be restored.

"Some 60 percent of the bandwidth has been affected after the damage," he told IANS, as Internet surfers in the country struggled with slow speeds and repeated disconnections.The load is being borne by the remaining 40 percent," Chharia said.

How may it affect your websites & mail servers ? For the next few days you may experience lag in connectivity & very slow speeds while accessing the internet sites & mails. You can find more information on the same on the following links :

We suggest our customers not to send support tickets if you encounter the speed issues as this may be the result of the above issue and you'll have to wait by the time the connectivity is properly restored by the ISPAI.

Posted on: Friday, 1st February 2008 7:43 AM