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Server Migration & Change of IP's of CHEETAH Server

Server Name : Cheetah.DnsRacks.COm
Server Type : RightMail Server, Enterprise Messaging Server

Dear Clients,

Recently our RightMail servers has been upgraded with the following configurations :

Dual Xeon Dempsey Core Processor 4 X 3.0 Ghz
4 GB Ram
2 X 250 GB Sata II drives
Advances AntiVirus/AntiSpam enabled gateway System
New Improved Webmail
1000 MBPS port

The server migration has been done and the server is now operational on the above machine.

What would this mean to you : If you are a rightmail customer then this announcement is for you, if you are using our nameservers to host your domain i.e. & then their's nothing you have to do at your end, your mails would continue to run as it is.

If you are running your domain on your own DNS then you'll be required to change your mail server IP to following :

mail A

The incoming & outgoing server settings would remain same i.e. or you can use the IP if you had been using the IP address in your incoming & outgoing server settings.

The server is a very high config server on a premium network which has been averaging 100 % uptime since the onset of the datacenter. We decided to upgrade the server as the previous server has been showing signs of high load which resulted in degradation of performance. Our commitment to customer satisfaction always drive us to innovate and upgrade ourselves and our technology. We are sure the above configuration would not only improve the performance but also increase your satisfaction levels.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Warm Regards,

Posted on: Wednesday, 14th February 2007 4:23 AM