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Circular to minimize the hassles of Demonetisation of OHD

DemonetizationTechno Developers Group is proudly supporting the great and never before initiative by Govt. of India

     - To clean India and kill the parallel economy through its motion against Black Money

Here, we would like to share the step we are taking to participate by extending our hands within our capacity to the members of our house – 

  1. The members of our team are encouraged to return the OHD (Old High Denomination) of their Salary withdraws and exchange the same with new / smaller denominations
  2. The time members require to visit bank branches to exchange their OHD will be treated within Office Hours
  3. The time members require to visit bank branches to the cash their cheques will be treated within Office Hours
  4. The time members require to visit banks branches to deposit the cash into their accounts will be treated within Office Hours 

Note : This circular is valid only till 30th November 2016 and with prior permission as the working shift is to be managed for smooth running of the support, services & administration. The circular may be considered for extension if requirement arises. 

We request all responsible houses if they can take these steps and ensure their own team member’s comfort and ease of life.

NB :

We had always felt the impact of the black money transactions as there are some concerns of our sector allowed working without proper bills/invoices and hence evade the applicable taxes that needed to be collected from the clients. The cost that our clients paid due to the same was on a higher side by about 20 to 25% and it was really becoming tougher for us to compete in small markets. So, we heartily welcome and appreciate such innovative initiatives of the Govt. of India. 

We have always encouraged online payments for the ease of our esteemed clients. To process your online payments or find more details regarding bank transfers please visit:

We are ready to take this initial challenges and be a part of nation building process for a bright future.

Posted on: Tuesday, 15th November 2016 10:47 AM