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Premium Linux server features upgrade & patches

Dear Clients,

The Premium Linux server features are being upgraded along with some necessary security patches. A few of the features being fixed or upgraded include:

  1. CPanel & Webmail features upgrade
  2. Self-XSS vulnerability in cPanel Change Password interface fixes
  3. Arbitrary code execution via BoxTrapper email forwarding fixes
  4. PHP version update on stable version of 5.4
  5. Security patches & Vulnerability fixes on PHP
  6. Security Tweaks for Apache
  7. Updates to ClamAV - Virus Protection for Email and Filemanager Uploads
  8. Firewall & ModSec updates etc.

We do not expect any downtime during the upgrades and all the services like DNS, Email, FTP etc. will remain functional throughout.

We are always committed to provide you with the best services and support and look forward to enhancing your experience further.

Please feel free to get in touch for any further clarifications or assistance.

Posted on: Monday, 16th November 2015 10:08 AM