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DNS resolution problems with BSNL Internet Connections

Dear Clients,

It has come to our notice that the internet connections of some Internet Service Providers (ISP) especially Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limitedís (BSNL) Broadband Connections are showing some unusual behaviours and are not able to resolve many servers properly. Due to this reason the websites on the servers either do not open or display the earlier/older versions. Many of our clients have been complaining similar experiences from past few weeks with our servers too. We have been monitoring the problem and can assure you that our servers are working fine and your websites are opening perfectly with other internet connections.

What is the Problem?

In technical terms this issue can be regarded as a DNS resolver problem. A DNS service is used to resolve the requests to translate domains into IP's and when you use your Internet Service Provider you generally rely over your ISP's DNS resolvers to resolve the sites for you. If your ISP is not keeping the records healthy and updated then you might see the above mentioned issues.

The Solution

Although the solution of such issues is basically on the ISP and as early they give it a thought it can be resolved but we can still offer you an alternative solution to the problem, the solution which we use and are very happy. Rather than relying over our ISP DNS we use the DNS of, not only they provide accurate results but also speed up our internet access speed. We suggest you to kindly visit this site, make changes in the DNS entry of your local computers as illustrated there and then try accessing the sites.

Monitoring Tool for You

You can use the following proxy websites to monitor the status of your website incase you find that only your website is not opening with your internet connection.


If you find that the proxy site is unable to resolve your website then immediately report it to us at and enable us to check it properly and assist you at the earliest. But if the site is resolved in the proxy then be assured that the server is working fine and you ISPís DNS resolver issue has again surfaced. You can report it to the ISP and get it resolved at their end or try the solution given above. We are sure that the solutions suggested would resolve the problem. But if the above solution doesn't resolves the problem then let us know and we'll dig this issue further with you on other levels.

Kindly mail us at for any further assistance or clarifications.

Posted on: Friday, 29th February 2008 1:46 AM