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Mail Server migration of our Windows 2003 server to a better Heavy Duty Mail Server with SmaterMail 4

Dear Clients,

Firstly we TechnoDG Team wish you a very warm & pleasant Friendship Week. In accordance to our continued service upgradations, this week we would like to announce the migration of our Windows 2003 Mail server to a better Heavy Duty Mail Server.

Since last couple of months we have been receiving regular complaints about our Windows 2003 mail server and our server team has been trying to resolve the issues you have faced. We had been working out with various options and after working over many products we decided to go in favour of SMARTERMAIL to be deployed as our new mail server.

Smartertools have recently released their version of SMARTERMAIL 4 which comes with lot of exciting features and advanced spam control system. Some of the unique features of SmarterMail 4 are listed as below:

1. SmarterMail 4.x enhances the performance of all back-end services, web interface code, and supports Microsoft .Net 2.0.

2. Expand Feature Robust Anti-Spam Improvements Greylisting, SpamAssassin, and additional spam checks along with Enhanced Anti-virus Protection SmarterMail 4.x comes with new administrative and email reports and features including a Web-based dashboard displaying real-time server performance.

3. Expand Feature Improve Performance with Gateways which would allow us to balance the load in case of increase in traffic.

4. New smart gateways allow mail servers to send through the entire array of outbound gateway servers to better balance loads.

5. Feature Rich New Intuitive Webmail

6. New Improved Webmail on Ajax which decreased the load time and significantly increase the server performance Expand Feature POP Retrieval - You can grab email from external POP accounts and pull them into SmarterMail accounts.

7. Calendar, To Do List, Notes and other features similar to outlook.

And a host of other features which would make the mail service more efficient & improve the performance.

We have planned to deploy a very heavy duty Mail Server to meet the ever growing requirements of your mailing. The server configuration are:

1) Intel Dual Processor Dual Core Xeon 5160 - 3.0GHz (Woodcrest) - 2 x 4MB cache 250 X 3 Sata II Drives
2) 6 GB FB-DIMM Registered 533/667 RAM
3) 1000 MBPS Port Speed
4) 100 % Network Uptime

The above server would be deployed with SmarterMail ver 4 X with AntiSpam & AntiVirus service. We hope you have fallen in for exciting features the Smartermail's webmail offers just like we have gone head over heals with its impressive capabilities.

Now what would this migration mean to you:

We anticipate superior performance and an end to all your mailing problems you've experienced in past, while we have tried our best to resolve the problems your co operation has always been great and we greatly appreciate your patience all the difficult times.

The Mail Server migration has been done without any possible downtime, we had outlined the steps through which we have transferred the mailboxes and ensured that none of your mails get lost during or after the transition phase. Meanwhile till September 04, 2007 the old server will remain live so that you will be able to access your old mails from there. If you want to move all old mails into the new mail server you can do it within minutes by using the POP Retrieval service of Smartermail, you can grab email from external POP accounts and pull them into SmarterMail accounts within minutes. This way all old mails will have a way to be imported into new Smartermail and you won't lose any old data either. We have prepared and uploaded the video tutorials of new mail server on URL:

If you have any questions related to this announcement, please mail us at and we'll be happy to assist you.

Once again we wish you a very Happy Friendship week and assure you that we will continue to innovate and improvise ourselves to make thing more simple and easy for you.

Posted on: Monday, 6th August 2007 5:45 AM