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Mail Server Migration of domains hosted on OWL

Dear Customer,

This is with ref to your reseller hosting account on our server OWL.DNSRACKS.COM

Due to increased load on our current Mail Server which was sharing load of our SQL server as well as Mail Server we have decided to deploy another server which would act as an independent MailServer only. The new Mail Server is named as VIPER.DNSRACKS.COM and comes with the following configuration :

Intel Dual Core 3.2 Ghz Processor
2 X 250 GB HDD

The system with RAID1 would ensure that in any event of failure of primary harddrive we can get you up and online within minutes from the second harddrive.

We'll be performing the migration of all mailboxes, mail data & configuration files of the OWL server users to the new server VIPER on Sunday July 30, 2006 at 11 PM IST (GMT 5.30 +).

During the migration HELM (Control panel) would remain stopped however all other services including Mail Service would continue working without any downtime.

The process of migration is outlined as below :

1) We'll stop the HELM on OWL server to prevent creation of any new mailboxes.
2) The mailboxes migration & creation would start on the new server.
3) Once the mailboxes are created we'll change the DNS zones of the mail records to point to the new server. This would route your new incoming mails to the LION server.
4) We'll sync old mails from the DOVE Server and move them to LION Server.
5) Once everything is completed we'll start the HELM Control Panel.

We anticipate no downtime in this process as during the time the migration would be taking place your mails would continue to work on the old server. As soon as the migration is completed we'll point the MAIL IP' to the new server and route all new mails to the new mail server. We'll also copy the old mails your address books & the mailsettings to the new server.

The Benefits of Migration are :

1) Improved Performance
2) Increased Speed.
3) Redundency due to RAID 1 configuration.
4) Enhanced stability.

You may like to notify your clients about the change. If you are running your sites on our DNS then their's nothing you have to do at your end, everything would be taken care by us. If you are not running your domain on our DNS then you'll be required to make changes on the MX records to point your site to our server. Following are the changes you'll be required to carry if you are running your site on third party DNS service :

If you are not running your domain on our DNS then you'll have to change the MX IP at your DNS Zones to point to MX 1
mail A

If you have any questions on migration, please feel free to contact us at

Posted on: Saturday, 29th July 2006 7:45 AM