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Lion Linux Server Migration on 29 Sep 2018 (Saturday)

Dear Clients,

Servers Impacted: Lion

New Server Name: Venus

Migration Date : Sep 29 Sep 2018 (Saturday)

Migration Start Time: 8:30 PM (IST) +5:30 GMT

Time Duration: 12 - 16 Hours

Service Impacted : Linux Server

Why the need of Migration ? : As a part of our Quality assurance policy we regularly upgrade our infrastructure to meet the Industry standards & to protect the servers from any possible sign of crashes/downtimes. Since hard drive of the servers are mechanical devices hence we have a time frame of upgrading the hardware the moment it reaches its 2 years running phase. This servers have nearly completed their three years of operations and hence we feel its right time to move it to heavy duty servers which would not only improve the overall performance but also offer the latest hardware to meet the industry standards.

Maintenance Impact:
1. The FTP service will not available in this period.
2. Please do not create new websites in WHM in this period as newly created websites may not be migrated during migration.

What we expect from you: If you are using our DNS/Name Servers then you don't have to worry about anything. If however you are using your own custom name servers then please follow the instructions given below carefully:

1) You'll have to renumber the IP address of website, FTP and mail DNS records associated with the domain you are running as custom name servers.

Old DNS Records are: A A A

New DNS Records are: A A A

Thats it..beyond this you don't have to do anything.

Communications Plan: Our helpdesk will be fully functional and staffed during the migrations. We will also be posting periodic updates in the announcements section to keep you fully informed of the status of all migrations. Please do not use our emergency contact numbers during the migration, as this will just slow our work.

We appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to minimize downtime while safely and securely moving servers.

Posted on: Thursday, 27th September 2018 2:09 PM