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Emergency Data Center Maintenance on 30-Nov-2009

Dear Clients,

The following notification is to inform you of an EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE event on our DC IP Network. Due to the severity, the time frame between this notice and the maintenance window has been shortened. Please find the details below:


Our DC identified a service impacting bug in the current IOS version running on router. The vendor (CISCO) recommended that an upgrade has been provided as a resolution and needs to be implemented immediately.

Original Issue Reference:

With the introduction of 4-byte ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers), a newly devised method of injecting a specifically crafted prefix into the global route table allows for the BGP process to be reset on older IOS code.

For further details on the issue please refer:

Customer Impact:

During this maintenance, you will notice a complete loss of connectivity to the servers on the network (No Service - Web, Mail, Database, DNS etc). While the upgrade duration is scheduled for 2 hour 30 Min, we only expect between 1 -2 Hour of downtime as the routers reload and fully converge.

If you have any problems with your connection to your services after this maintenance window, or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please call us at 91-353-2537147 or mail us or open a ticket at

We appreciate your patience and co-operation during this maintenance and welcome any feedback you may have.

Posted on: Thursday, 26th November 2009 12:59 AM