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Migration of Linux Bison Server

Dear Clients,

It is a pleasure to inform you that the Linux Bison Server Migration has been completed.

We have completed the necessary procedures to update all the DNS records for all the websites using our name servers but if you are using your own custom name servers please note that you have to make following changes before Oct 08, 2009

You'll have to renumber the IP address of your child name servers associated with the domain you are running as custom name servers. For eg. lets assume the nameservers you are running with us is ns1/ with the IP address as and respectively.

Now you have to go to the Childnameserver/ Hostname Setting of your domain and replace the IP with the following IP (OLD IP) (OLD IP)

Replace it with the following set of new IP's (NEW IP) (Same as previous)

Also please modify the A records for the above nameservers in the DNS Zone of

If you are using third party nameservice then you have to do the following modifications: A A A A

Thats it, beyond this you don't have to do anything.

Now when the DNS propagates all your websites would be pointed to the new server.

P.S.: It is imperative that you do the changes by today to avoid any downtime to your websites.

If you have any questions related to the migration, please open a support ticket with us or send a mail to and we'll be happy to assist you.

Posted on: Monday, 5th October 2009 9:18 AM