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Mail delivery problem [Updated]

Dear Clients,

One of the website hosted in the Linux Server was found guilty of spamming. The website has been blocked at the very moment and it has been suspended. The hosted account has created a lot of problems to our server reputation. We are still trying to clear up the blockage created by the website. Due to the spam attack few outgoing mails are unable to reach the recipients for some time. It is difficult to provide an exact time at this moment on when the ORBL's will lift the blockage, as we have absolutely no control over this. We are constantly following up and hope that by today evening we shall be able to get it resolved. You will surely get our next announcement, if there is any update available on this issue.

Henceforth we do request you not to use your space, email or scripts for spamming, otherwise your website may get blacklisted and it may lead to permanent suspension of the website. Please take care of your dynamic pages and check them thoroughly for any kind of vulnerabilities which can be manipulated by unwanted users.

Posted on: Tuesday, 9th December 2008 3:49 AM

# Update: Tuesday, 9th December 2008 10:57 PM

Dear Clients, The blockage has been cleared and the issue has been resolved. Hopefully you will not find any problem from now on. If you still find any kind of difficulty, do not hesitate to mail us or submit a support ticket.