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Implementation of New TCCCPR Announced by TRAI in June'2018

Dear Clients,

This is an important announcement related to SMS gateway service that needs your urgent attention to process before 28th February 2019.

TRAI has announced new Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR) in June 2018 which was updated again on Dec'21 2018,  to combat unsolicited commercial communication.

As per this new TCCCPR, text messages will be split in 3 categories:

  1. Promotional Messages
  2. Transactional Messages
  3. Service Messages

To comply with this regulatory guideline, operators have asked us to follow a Sender ID and Template registration process for Transactional Messages, in phase 1 that needs to be completed by 28th Feb’19. We have asked the operators for more time, but want you to be ready with the required information as soon as possible incase operators are unable to get TRAI to extend this deadline.

In phase 2 all operators will be implementing a Consent registration process. This will require us to share with all operators, customer's consent to receive Messages from your Organization, Brand or Institutions.

Hence to comply with this new regulatory requirement from TRAI, that all operators need to implement, we would request you to share all Transactional Messaging templates that need to be registered for Transactional Messaging service used to send communications to your customers, members or students, as soon as possible, to avoid any delay in whitelisting process or interruption in services, once phase 1 of the regulation comes in effect on Feb'28 2019.

Please send the details in the following format BEFORE 28th February 2019 without fail:

Looking forward to your necessary action in this regard.

Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification or assistance.

For any updates on this announcement visit:

Posted on: Saturday, 23rd February 2019 2:15 PM